Photos from past hurricanes in Florida

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In 2013, there was no major hurricane that landed on the atlantic coast of Florida which prevented a season of water damaged properties around heavily populated cities like Orlando, Tampa, Miami, etc.

However, there were still some amazing photos of these natural phenomenon with roughly 15 tropical storms and hurricanes that developed throughout the year.

hurricane andrea tropical storm barry

  • Andrea
  • Barry
  • Chantal
  • Dorian
  • Erin
  • Fernand
  • Gabrielle
  • Eight
  • Humberto
  • Ingrid
  • Jerry
  • Karen
  • Lorenzo
  • Melissa
  • tropical storm dorian


A video of tropical storm Andrea on the news

The previous year in 2012 saw the third largest collection of named storms ever recorded. The list of significant storms and hurricanes include:

  • Alberto
  • Beryl
  • Chris
  • Debby
  • Ernesto
  • Florence
  • Helene
  • Gordon
  • Isaac
  • Joyce
  • Kirk
  • Leslie
  • Michael
  • Nadine
  • Oscar
  • Patty
  • Rafael
  • Sandy
  • Tony

2014 is upon us and we don’t know if there will be a season like last year or it may escalate to repeat the same if not exceed the previous two year’s numbers. Homeowners should be prepared to have an emergency flood plan in case a severe one hits and would require water damage restorations.

One way to help with any unforeseeable expenses from such natural disasters is to purchase a flood insurance policy that would have a low deductible. The rate of the deductible can range from 500 and up, depending on a percentage of the total value of your building.

If you don’t have coverage with flood insurance when you actually have h20 deterioration from your living area, you’ll need to consult with a reputable technician to have your place inspected to assess the situation. The walls, ceilings, floors, furniture and other fixtures could all be broken beyond repair and need full replacements. People don’t realize that it only takes one major event to cause serious repercussions on your livelihood so why take a chance and not have better preparation?

Download a flood app onto your mobile device which has specific instructions and steps to help you get back onto your feet if you have the unfortunate instance of being hit with floodwaters.

Another word of advice is to have an emergency first-aid kit nearby and available in the event that injuries happen in the weather aftermath.

Restoring your flood damaged house

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Undeniably this will be an emotional and traumatizing time as you start your recovery from a flooding calamity such as the storm period. There are several actions you could take when you wage the restoring procedure to ease some nerve-racking stress you are feeling.
water damage recovery
There are visible indications that contribute to placing anxiety:.

- interior discomforts like stomach ulcers, body or head aches.
- boost in alcoholic beverages usage as well as smoking a great deal more.
- having trouble dropping off to sleep or actually bad ordeals.
- burning over minor circumstances.
- feeling dispirited.
- having quick temper tantrums and usually quarreling with others.
- having an extremely attention deficit disorder and incapable to concentrate on tasks.

If you experience any of the signs above, you must do the following to help lower stress:.

Keep your family close for support and review your issues honestly to take care of changing stress degrees. Often the most effective method to permit out your stress is to chat it over with someone during a floodwater disaster. Your loved ones are additionally undergoing comparable feelings and need you to be strong and good.
flooded damaged restoration
Relax frequently and eat well so you’re literally and psychologically qualified to perform cleanup activities. Sleep deprival and malnourishment will certainly cause losses in concentration and possibly put you or another person threatened if you’re not really feeling 100 % performing particular functions.

Set a convenient schedule for reconstructing and desire expert aid if you do not feel comfy dealing with technological problems. There need to be volunteer, public, and exclusive comfort teams taking part in assisting flood sufferers heal and provide an assisting hand whenever they require it. Don’t be ashamed to request for recovery aid in this circumstance.

A very important responsibility during this ordeal is looking after your youngsters.

It’s ideal to keeping the family members together and make the kids be involved to let their anxiety and stress subside. Likewise, do pay attention to exactly what your youngsters need to state due to the fact that they might need to show themselves too. Detail the occasions factually so the youngsters have actually realist assumptions of just what happened, instead of questioning the unknown which may result in them being frightened. Assure them that will certainly be fine. Be caring and accept them as much as feasible. And finally, be recognizing and not chew out them. They don’t have a deep understanding of the circumstance as adults would, so they have an excellent reason to express impressive activities like wailing or moistening the bed.

flood recovery children

Throughout the water damage cleaning procedure, it’s important that you stay as healthy as you can and avoid getting sick from touch polluted tools. You ought to wash up frequently with soap and water previously and after any sort of activities such as eating. Do see to it the water is safe before drinking or cleansing with it. There may be lots of microorganisms or hazardous chemicals spreading around from overrunning sewage drains together with various other corrosive fluids. Keep in mind to decontaminate every little thing. Prevent from overworking yourself and maintain a sensible schedule that you could manage. Listen and report health hazards that may threaten to others. This could include rodent infestations, hanging electric cords, or flammable objects that can take off.

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